Don's Hobby Shop stocks accessories especially suited for large aircraft. These include, but are not limited to wheels, 2 & 3 blade spinners with special cuts for props and backplates, 3W  Biela, Bolly wood, Mejelik and Menz props up to 32" diameter, heavy duty hardware, some from Rocket City and Dubro, fuel tanks up to 64oz., TME, 3W, Sullivan, B&B smoke systems, Fromeco Lithium-Ion batteries, nicad batteries up to 3000mah in both 4.8 and 6.0 volts, chargers, battery backup systems, 4.8-6 volt regulators, engines, and of course, the world famous DHS linkage accessory products including DHS Pilots (formally Virtual Reality) pilots among other high performance products.

Additionally, since we build and fly Carden Aircraft, and other large aircraft kits, we have  accessory packages for these and other brands. These accessory packages include the following and can be customized  to your  needs.

Spinner, fuel tank, fill valves, wheels, axles, fuel tubing, wheel pant mounts, wheel collars, heavy duty rods, clevises, tail wheel assembly, pull-pull systems, nuts, bolts, screws, hinges, etc. Call for the customized package prices.

Since we fly large aircraft, we have the experience to assist the newcomer and experienced modeler with their needs. Give us a call..


Don's Hobby Shop (DHS) and Other Accessories

DHS Choke Linkage

DHS Choke Linkage will fit DA, 3W or BME with choke levers oriented as in above photo. The choke lever may have to be extended on some engines with a metal servo arm bolted and JB Welded to provide more leverage.  (easy to do) $4.49 Call Store Direct

DHS Pull-Pull Systems


Made from inert materials for no RF interference. 85 -210 pound tensile strength depending on size. - 3 Sizes to choose from - 5-10lb, 10-20 lb, 20-45 lb. - $9.95-$ 16.95 Call Store Direct


Plane Restraint Large  up  to 45%  and Small  up to 50 CC

Large above for  planes   up to 45%  and small below  for 

planes   up  to 50CC  Call  Store  Direct  to order

Safety  is enhanced   with the use  of  a Plane Restraint- The large init holds planes up to 45 poundsand the smeall unit  holds  planes  up  to 500 size.  Easy to use  Available Store Direct $59.95-  $99.95

DHS Standoffs  3/4" - 1 3/4" in 1/4" increments - $19.95-24.95Available Store Direct

BME 50CC mounted on Standoffs
Gear Cuffs  -

Shown are the gear cuffs  on my 40%  Cardin Extra 330 . Large planes require  2 packages - Small planes take 1 pack -  Call Store  $4.49 

DHS Wrapties  12-18" length or continuous  5' or 10'   Available store direct  $1.29-$1.69

DHS Wrapties are great for securing batteries,receivers, matchboxes,tanks, smoke pumps, ignition modules and other items.                       Available Store Direct

DHS Conduits - Great for protecting fuel tubing, ignition wires, electrical wires.   Available Store Direct













DHS  2 sizes 3/8 for wires and fuel lines- $.99 per ft. 1/2" for ignition wires  $1.09 per foot

Note the DHS grommets on the engine box protecting fuel lines and ignition leads

DHS Grommets 15 per pack 

DHS Grommets - Great for protecting fuel tubing, ignition wires, electrical wires.     Available Store Direct

DHS Long Mounting Bolts - Bolts up to 3-4" in 8/32, 10/32 and 1/4 x 20,   Use with Standoffs. Available Store Direct

DHS 5/32"   ID Hi-Temp Smoke Tubing - Available store direct in 3' packages.

DHS  5/32 High Temp Smoke Tubing is the perfect size for 40-150 CC size gas engines .   Large enough to properly fit smoke nipples this tubing will withstand higher temperatures than tygon.        $5.95 /3 feet                       Available Store Direct

DHS Cowl -Hatch Screws

These hard to find button head 4-40 and 6/32 machine screws are matched with nylon washers to reduce wear  are perfect for Cowls and hatches. Look like rivits.  12 to a bag.   Available store direct.

DHS Control Linkage 

DHS Fuel-Smoke  Dot Decals

These DHS  Smoke and Fuel dot decals not only dress up a plane but help prevent inadvertently filling your gas tank with smoke oil tank and vs/vs.  Shown with a 3W fill valve and 1/4 turn fuel dot . Available store direct.

The DHS O1B 8/32 and DHS O1C  10/32 linkages when combined with turnbuckles shown above and our DHS 87 4-40 ball links formally produced by Rocket City, are the standard linkage set up for giant scale aircraft.  Available Store Direct

Call our toll free order 
Line to place an order,
You'll be glad you did!

Vent Line Filters

Vent Line filters are used to keep the dirt and fine flight line dust from entering the tankl through the overflow lines. We use one on our gas and smoke overflow lines.  Available Store Direct

Lithium-Ion Batteries -3 out Charger - Expansion Board and Programming Card  - Wolverine Battery share double  switch and Sahara  adjustable Regulator   shown below - Call  Store  $


We have used the canister Lithium Batteries for almost 15 years now. These batteries are only new to those who haven't tried them. Almost all competitors and TOC flyers have used them since the mid -late 90's. They are well proven and have many advantages. Light weight, no cycling, fast charge, highest power density battery of any battery on the market and no memory problems. Cheaper than nicads, it is only a matter of time before you will be flying them in your plane.  Radio manufactures have already started the process of switching to Lithium.

Fires?  If these batteries are used properly with common sense and  the correct chargers - well lets put it this way - How many cell phones, lap top computers, digital cameras, Dremmel Lithium ion powered tools, Digital camcorders etc? have you heard of blowing up? 

Most of the safety issues have been due to modelers hooking up incompatible chargers to battery configurations that aren't compatible with the charger. 

Dumb chargers hooked to dumb batteries are a sure way of starting fires. That's a modeler issue not a battery issue. 

Poly packs for electrics are packaged differently and have their own unique handling characteristics.  We don't use them in our giant scale aircraft.

Call us if you would like to switch to Lithium - Ion . We can help you save pounds instead of ounces by switching to Lithium.  These batteries are cheaper than nicads. Call for current pricing. Available Store Direct

Our book Gas Engines Giant Planes has a chapter devoted to Lithium Ion batteries used in giant scale aircraft.  Available Store Direct


Wire Bundle Keepers

These little rubber water jet cut retainers can be used to secure  servo leads, pushrods, antennas or other items in your plane. Secured with a dot of Meduim CA they are easy to install and very popular. Actual color and shape vary but the function is the same.   Available in red- Black or Blue. Available Store Direct - $4.95

Space Age Thread Lock

This space age thread lock is used on full scale aircraft in high vibration environments. Works to secure hatch, cowl, engine bolts and other fasteners prone to vibrating loose in flight .  One application lasts for several months.  Apply, let dry to a hard gum for 20-30 minutes and the screws can be removed many times before reapplication. Worth the Price.

Available Store Direct - $19.95

Tail Wheels- Graphtec-Ohio Superstar-3W


Graphtec Carbon Fiber Tailwheels

3W Carbon Tail wheels

We carry light weight 3W carbon, Graphtec Carbon gears, Ohio RC Leaf Spring and Haigh type Tail metal gears. Call Store Direct - $19.95 - $54.95

High Performance Props

We carry MENZ wood -Mejelik Carbon - 3W wood - Bolly Wood - and Biela Carbon  fibre  props - When converting  from 2 to 3 blade props the rule  of  thumb  is to reduce  the diameter by 10-15% and keep the same or  increase  the pitch.    Call Store Direct for $  and availability

Biela prop on Rudy Voldrich's 40% Carden Cap 232


TNC Tach by Fromeco

The best Tach on the market - bar none!  Stand back several feet and safely take your reading of the 5 digit display.

High quality optical sensor locks on in various lighting condition from about 5 feet away. Available Store Direct - Worth the price  $89.99


SWB Products

SWB CNC machines products are a premenent provider of high quality hardware for giant scale aircraft.

We stock , motor mounts, Grommet insertions tools, both hardlink and self adjusting 2,3 and 4 output trays and the appropriate hardware and arms in JR hiTec or Futaba along with both offset and straight bellcranks up to 5" for your giant scale aircraft. 

Call us and we can help you with your setup. Available Store Direct

Smoke Systems & Mufflers

DHS carries the popular TME Smart Smokers, Sullivan Skywriter, 3W, and B&B smoke systems along with the smoke muffler products you need to properly set up your smoke system.

Call and we will help you choose the correct equipment for you setup. .

Available Store Direct


Deflection Meters


These deflection meters have been very popular for many years with competition flyers. Shown above is the meter being used to set 3D travels of 45' on our 40% Carden and 12' low rate on our 120' span Cessna 152, Available Store Direct - $24.95

High performance prop shapes 
have  airfoils  and blade shapes
to maximize performance
for popular size engines
used on today's  high
performance aircraft

             Fuchs 30x12 3 blade prop on our    Carden 40% "Star's and Stripes"

Note that we paint 
the prop tips for safety.

We use 1 ounce bottles of 
lacquer that is normally used 
to paint RC cars or trains.

Instrument Panel Kits

The panels shown above were all made in about 2-3 hours time. The panels are painted and force dryed with a heat gun and then the instruments are glued in place with goop.  A few lights and switches from Radio Shack adds a nice touch.  2 sizes . -25% and & 30-40%  $22.95  Call Store   to order .


Muffler assortment available for DA, 3W, BME, Zenoah, Evolution, and others, Most equipped for smoke.    Available Store Direct

Spinners - TRU-TURN

Tru-Turn Spinners - Hhigh  quality 2 & 3 blade spinners made  of  barstock aluminum with special cuts  and adapters  available  to fit  your requirements.  Big Spinners - big  discounts - Call  Store Direct

Tail Wheel Springs  - 3 sizes for large  planes 10-80 pounds

These high quality Tail wheel springs assemblies operate  like  a full Scale  Tail wheel. Makes  taxi ing in a wind  easier,  3 sizes   available  to fit planes  up  to 60%     $12.95-19.95

Fuel Dots 1/4 Turn - Fuel Nozzles - Filters

Shown above from the top are Madisons 1/4 Turn Fuel dots, a standard fuel dot, a filtered clunk, a fine mesh filter, a large clear filter for your jug, a fuel nozzle with filter, fuel plugs, fuel T's (small and large available), and a filtered T in 2 sizes.     Call for pricing Available Store Direct  

EZ Balancer - Determine your exact CG

These high quality balancers take  all the guess work out  of determining  the balance  point of  your aircraft.  They are easy  to use. and are constructed of machined  anodized  aluminum.  2 sizes  available -  up  to 20  pounds - popular  for planes around  a 50-60 CC  size  and the large size is used  for planes up to 100 pounds  for  the 40-50-60% size  planes.  The stand is adjustable  in width and folds  flat  for  storage.    Call  Store  for price and availability.

Steering arm  for Tail wheel -Bolts  to bottom of  rudder

This steering  arm bracket  is a perfect  match  for the tail wheel springs shown on left. Call Store 

Flight Simulators

Real Flight and Phoenix Flight Simulators are high quality  sims  that have photo realistic flying fiels and come  with programmable features, The Phoenix  comes  with a live Spektrum DX5 transmitter  that you can  use  to fly  a  plane  with .  Call store  for discount  pricing.

Protect your eyes - Optically pure Zurich sunglasses can be worn as is or will fit over your regular glasses and will filter out harmful radiation.  One size fits men or women prescription glasses up to frame size 54. Side protectors to filter wind and sunlight.

 Available Store Direct.  $59.95 with case

Electronic Kill Switches

Jomar Optical Kill  - Plug and Play -          42% Products Kill - Magnito - Left - Electromcon  Right


These quality optically isolated electronic kill switches allow you to kill your engine from a spare channel on your radio should your throttle servo malfunction.  What would you do if you started your engine and the throttle servo was at full power instead of idle because the servo malfunctioned?

 It just recently happened at our field on a 40% 42 pound engine that produces about 17 horsepower swinging a 32" prop.  - With an E switch it is a simple matter of hitting a switch and killing the engine.  What would you do if this type of failure occurred to you?  Would you have been hurt because your 40% plane ran into you at full power?

 Available Call Store .  $32.99-39.99 - Electronic or Magnito Specify.

Regulators  By Jaiccio


Jom Odinno - former 35 year columnist for RCM and the O of S&O Proportional radios,  developed   this regulator years   ago  for high performance  IMAC-Giant Scale and Pattern  planes.  It  weighs about 1/2 oz, is set  to either 6 volts  or  5.1  volts. and is  used  on our  42% planes .   Input  voltage  up to 15V  and output current  up  to 5  ams.  ( A  42% plane   with 13  digital  servos   wil draw  about  2.8 amps average if the plane  is set up correctly. )

Large Fromeco adjustable regulators shown above or fixed voltage regulators shown below are available to fit the needs of various size aircraft.  Call us and we can help you select the appropriate regulators for your planes.

Available Call Store Direct.

Would you take a $1000.00 stereo, DVD Hi definition TV with surround sound and hook it up to 220 Volts?  Of course not - You'd toast it - Then why would you run your $1000.00 radio, servos and accessories, that are designed to operate up to 6V, and overdrive it with 7-8.4 volts - and then wonder  why the system acts funny, or not at all, or won't range check or etc. etc. etc. 

Some radios and servos won't  work at all with unregulated voltage, some work intermittently and some will tolerate the voltage overdirve but its not recommended by the manufacturer.  JR voids your servo warrantee  if  you operate  non hi-voltage  rated  servos  at more  than 6V. 

6volt nicads actually charge up to about 7-7 1/2 volts and lithiums batteries charge to over 8 volts.  Use a regulator  to regulate the voltage down to 6volts.

Fueling Stations- Electric or Manual

These plug and play fueling stations are available in    1 1/4 and 2 1/2 gallon size and are ready to pump gas, glow, smoke oil.  Also available in manual versions in 1 1/4 or 2 1/2 gallon sizes   $54.99 -$199.99              Call Store Store Direct.

Electric Fuel Pump

This  electric pump will pump gas, glow, smoke oil, water, or kerosene at 1/2 gallon a minute when operated at 12 volts.   Requires a switch and wiring to operate,     $29.95            Available Store Direct.

Charge Receptacle 

It is important to keep dirt out of your switch system. When using a switch with no dust cap this  machined charge recepticle by Madison is universal and fits all brands of radios charge harnesses. Keeps dust and dirt out with a twist on cap.   $10.95   Available Store Direct.


Temperature Gun 

We use laser aimed temperature guns to measure cylinder head temperatures, to check the effectiveness of our cowl baffles.  Proper cooling and baffleing can drop the cylinder head temperatures by up to 100'.   $89.95                           Available Store Direct.

Prop-Spinner Balancer  

It is important to balance your spinner, props and to check prop tracking to reduce or eliminate vibration.  These procedures are explained in our book Gas Engines Giant Planes available direct from the store and shown elsewhere on this site under Gemstone. Shown above is my balancer with my home made long arbor made from brass sleeves and music wire, to balance this 5" spinner which is too big to fit inside the standoffs.   $28.95                Available Store Direct.

Spark Plugs  

We carry the hard to find and hard to get plugs for DA, 3W  and the later BME's.  6.99         Available Store Direct.

Aircraft Stand-Restraint 

The large stand shown on the left will handle up to 28% size planes. The Restraint on the righr is used to hold your plane for starting. The rod is pushed into the ground and the planes tail is inserted into the U.  $17.95-$79.95                          Available Store Direct.

Central  Hobby Carbon Rods and Titanium ends

High performance carbon rods with titanium ends by Central Hobbies is a popular item for large aircraft.  Available in 4-40 sizes for large planes they come 2 to a pack with 4 ends.  Ends available seperately.   $16.95 for rod packages and $8.99 per pack for extra ends,         Available Store Direct.

Prop Bags and Covers by Caroline 

Carbon Fiber Spar Reinforcements

Caroline's Propbags and prop covers shown above are available in 2 sizes for both 2 and 3 blade props. Don't wait until you ruin a $200 prop to decide you need a prop bag or covers to protect those high dollar  props.                   Available Store Direct.

Carbon fiber in 1/4 and 1/2" widths and .007 thickness provide a lightweight and  extremely strong way to reinforce wings and stabs with virtually no increase in weight.  Available Store Direct.

Giant Scale Heavy Duty Starters

These heavy duty starters operate on either 12 or 24 volts and are able to start large gas or glow engines.               $189.95      Call Store Direct.

Drill Jigs

This prop drill jig will help the modeler accurately drill their expensive props for DA or 3W 100 or 150 size engines. DA 50 also available.  23-25.00    Available Store Direct.

Gem 2000

Wing Tubes

The Gem 2000 will check the status of your batteries, switch, tuning circuit, crystal, servos, and on off status. Available in 4.8V, 6V or 7.2V  for lithium batteries.  Thousands sold nationwide.    $$24.95-$39.95               Available Store Direct.

Wing Tubes available in sizes ranging from 5/8" to 1 1/2" are available with phenolic shucks.    $11.95-$39.95 Available Store Direct.

Kavan Inflatable Tires

Fowler Flap Tracks

These inflatable wheels are very light in weight and require proper inflation.   They are 1/2 the weight of standard tires at the cost of durability. They wear out much faster than Dubros or Sullivans but are 1/2 the weight. Non inflatable tires available.                   Available Store Direct.

These Fowler flap tracks are for giant scale planes and operate exactly like the full scale flap.  4 to a package - See flight photo of  our Cessna 152 and ground photo of our Cessna 182 with flaps extended on our PHOTO page else where on this web site .                   Available Store Direct.

High Performance Oils

These oils are recommended by DA,3W and BME. Lawn boy for breakin and Amsoil for operation after breakin.  Ground ship only.    Available Store Direct.

Custom Connectors

For those who want to make custom length connectors these connectors come 4 female or 4 male to a pack and are radio specific. Available for JR, Futaba or Hi Tec.     Available Store Direct.






The filtered ceramic clunk works with gas or glow fuel.  The clear filter is used in line from your jug to the plane and the fine mesh filter is used in your gas or smoke line to your engine.  The dirty red filter on the left was removed after 354 flights on our 40% Carden.  We filter our smoke and gas 3 times before it gets to the engine and we still had a dirty filter.    Available Store Direct.

Servo Screws

Once you use these allen head servo screws with built in washers you will never use another!   9/16" lengths are used for servos and 1/2" for hatches and doors.                                      Available Store Direct.

Conduit Tubes

These1/2" diameter paper tubes are used to route servo wires to the tail or wing of your plane. 8 to a bag.   $10.95       Limited  Availability - Store Direct.